Israeli teenager Appeals Life Sentence for Killing 33-Year-Old, Claims 'Self-Defense'

The teenager reportedly stabbed the victim to death with a knife

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Published on June 14, 2024, 13:14:02


israeli teen convicted of murder


An Israeli teenager convicted of murder in Dubai is appealing his life sentence, asserting he acted in self-defense.

In January, the Dubai Court of First Instance found the 19-year-old guilty of the premeditated murder of a 33-year-old man outside a shisha café in Business Bay in May 2023.

The teenager reportedly stabbed the victim to death with a knife. However, the defense contends there was no deliberate intent behind the incident.

The defense lawyer stated that the defendant did not premeditate the killing, arguing instead that he was acting in self-defense after the victim attacked him with a chair. The teenager's lawyer explained that the victim initiated the confrontation, and the client acted to protect himself.

In addition to the teenager, five of his friends received 10-year sentences for aiding and abetting. All six Israeli convicts will be deported after serving their sentences.

Details of the incident, as submitted to the appellate court, reveal that the conflict began inside the shisha café. The victim's friend allegedly insulted the defendant's family, leading to a quarrel.

When the friend left, the defendant and his companions followed, which led to the victim attacking the defendant with a chair. The defendant then stabbed the victim to defend himself.

Less than 24 hours after the murder, Dubai Police arrested the suspects. Investigations revealed that the parties involved had previous disputes dating back to their time in Israel, suggesting the murder was connected to these past issues.

In a new development, the defense argued that the victim had been threatening the defendant's life in Israel, prompting the teenager to seek refuge in Dubai.

The lawyer claimed the defendant was unaware that the victim had followed him to Dubai. Citing her client's testimony, the lawyer emphasised that the defendant acted in self-defense and had no intention to kill. She requested a reduced sentence under Article 98 of the Penal Code, given the defendant's age of 19.

The defense also noted that carrying a weapon is common in the defendant's culture, arguing that he did not possess the knife with the intent to kill.

The lawyer concluded by asking the appellate court to acquit her client of murder and reject the prosecutors’ call for a harsher sentence. The Appeal Court's judgment is expected in July.

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