Federal Decree Law No. (20) of 2023 Amending Certain Provisions of Federal Decree Law No. (33) of 2021 Regarding The Regulation of Employment Relationships

Type: United Arab Emirates

category : Labour And Immigration

Issued On: 2023-09-13
Type: Federal Law

Federal Decree Law No. (20) of 2023 Amending Certain Provisions of Federal Decree Law No. (33) of 2021 Regarding The Regulation of Employment Relationships

                                                         Article (1)                                                                   

The following text shall replace Article (54) of Federal Decree Law No. (33) of 2021 Regarding the Regulation of Employment Relationships:

  1. In accordance with this Decree Law, employers, employees, and their beneficiaries are entitled to dispute any rights arising from the employment relationship. Following receipt of the request, the Ministry will review it and take the necessary steps to facilitate an amicable resolution.                                          
  2. The Ministry will render a final judgment on any dispute submitted to it in accordance with the provisions set forth in paragraphs (1) and (2) of this document if the value of the claim is not more than fifty thousand (50,000) UAE dirhams (AED) or if neither party complies with an amicable settlement decision relating to the subject matter, regardless of the value of the claim.                                                                                                                                           

  3. The Ministry has the authority to resolve the dispute in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (3) of this article, and the decision shall be annotated with execution in accordance with customary practice. If the decision is not satisfactory to either party, either party may file a lawsuit before the relevant

Court of Appeals for a review of the decision within fifteen (15) working days following notification of the decision. Upon filing, the court will schedule a hearing to consider the case within three (3) working days, and the case will be adjudicated within fifteen (15) working days. The decision of the Court of Appeals shall constitute a final verdict, and an appeal will suspend the implementation of the decision. If an appeal is filed, the execution of the decision described above will be suspended.

  1. The dispute shall be referred to the competent court if attempts to reach an amicable settlement within the time limit prescribed in the implementing regulation of this Decree-Law and in cases other than those described in paragraph (2) of this article do not succeed. This should be accompanied by a memorandum which summarises the dispute, the parties' arguments, in addition to the Ministry's recommendations.                                                                          
  2. As part of the dispute resolution process, the Ministry may order the employer to provide the worker's wages for a maximum of two (2) months, if the dispute results in the worker's wages being withheld.                                                                                                                                                                               

  3. If the Minister finds that the existing individual dispute has the potential to lead to a collective labour dispute that is detrimental to the public interest, other administrative procedures or measures may be imposed on the establishment.                                                                                                                                 
  4. After receiving a request, the competent court must, within three (3) business days, convene a hearing, notify the parties involved, and proceed promptly with the adjudication of the case.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  5. An application that does not follow the procedures described in this article will be rejected by the competent court.                                                                          
  6. After one (1) year from the maturity date of the right subject to a lawsuit, the lawsuit cannot be heard with regards to any of the rights protected by this Decree-Law.

Article (2)

This Decree-Law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall take effect on 01/01/2024.