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On the Approval of the Agreement of the Unified Insurance Card of Motor Vehicles Across Arab Countries
Number: Federal Decree No. 68/1975 Issued On: 15 Nov 1975 Type: Federal Law

Federal Decree No. 68/1975

On the Approval of the Agreement of the Unified Insurance Card of Motor Vehicles Across Arab Countries

We, Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates,

Pursuant to the perusal of the Interim Constitution; and

Based on what was presented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the approval of the Council of Ministers and ratification of the Federal Supreme Council;

Have decreed the following:


Article 1

The Agreement of The Unified Insurance of Motor Vehicles Across Arab Countries signed on 26/04/1975 was approved as attached to the present Decree.


Article 2

The Ministers, each within his own competency, shall implement this Decree which shall be published in the Official Gazette.


Issued by us in the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi

On 11 Dhi Al Qi'dah 1395 H.

Corresponding to 15 November 1975

Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

President of the State of United Arab Emirates


This Federal Decree was published in Official Gazette Issue No. 32, P. 74.

Federal Decree No. 68/1975

On the Approval of the Agreement of the Unified Insurance Card of Motor Vehicles Across Arab Countries

Issued on 26/04/1975

Agreement of Unified Insurance Card of Motor Vehicles Across Arab Countries

The governments of:

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

The State of United Arab Emirates

The State of Bahrain

The Republic of Tunisia

The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Democratic Republic of Sudan

The Syrian Arab Republic

The Republic of Iraq

The Sultanate of Oman

The State of Qatar

The State of Kuwait

The Republic of Lebanon

The Libyan Arab Republic

The Arab Republic of Egypt

The Kingdom of Morocco

Yemen Arab Republic

The People's Democratic Republic of Yemen

The Islamic Republic of Mauritania

The Somali Republic

Out of their belief in the importance of encouraging tourism and facilitating trade exchange between Arab countries, which offer the greatest benefits to the Arab economy,

and in order to facilitate the transportation of Arab citizens in all types of vehicles between Arab countries under a system that guarantees compensation for road accidents, have agreed to the following provisions:


Article 1

The Unified Insurance Card System shall be applied to road accidents of motor vehicles crossing and cruising in the territories of the Arab member States.


Article 2

Compensation for accidents resulting from motor vehicles shall be made in accordance with the terms and conditions determined by the Compulsory Insurance Law in the countries where the accident occurs.


Article 3

A unified insurance card containing the terms and conditions related to said unified system shall be prepared.


Article 4

A regional office shall be established in each member State of this Agreement under the name of “Unified Office” to assume the following:

Prepare and organize the issuance and adoption of the unified insurance card.

Receive the claims resulting from vehicle accidents that happened in the State where the Office is located.

Take the procedures for the disbursement of indemnities due for accidents.

Apply the necessary procedures for a set-off between claims and settlement of accounts between offices.


Article 5

The member States of the present Agreement shall commit to transfer the funds due to the other member States following the legal set-off as well as the indemnities and various administrative expenses that are payable as a result of implementing the present system.


Article 6

The Arab States shall ratify the present Agreement as per their constitutional regulations and shall deposit the instruments of ratification at the General Secretariats of the General Arab Insurance Authority, the League of Arab States and the Council of Arab Economic Unity. Each of said entities shall notify the Arab States thereof.


Article 7

The Arab States who did not sign this Agreement shall have the right to join it by depositing the instrument of accession to the Agreement at the aforesaid entities that shall communicate such matter to the other States.


Article 8

The present Agreement shall become effective one month following the deposit of the instruments of ratification of four States, and the provisions thereof shall become applicable to other States ratifying or joining the Agreement, one month following the deposit of the instrument.


Article 9

Any member State may withdraw from the Agreement through a declaration sent to the General Secretary of any of the aforementioned entities, and such withdrawal shall be considered effective 6 months following the date of the deposit thereof.

In witness whereof, the plenipotentiary delegates whose names are hereinafter stated, signed this Agreement on behalf of and in the name of their governments.