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Organizing the utilization of Government dwelling
Number: Law No. 11 of 2007 Issued On: 19 August 2007 Type: Federal law

Federal Law No. 11
Issued on 2007/8/19
Corresponding to 6 Shaaban 1428 H.
Federal Law No.9/1973 dated 1973/07/25
We, Khalifah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates State,
Pursuant to the perusal of the Constitution; and
Federal Law no.1 of 1972 on the Jurisdiction of Ministries and Powers of Ministers and its amending laws; and
Federal Law no. 9 of 1973 on Organizing the use of Government Lodgings and its amending laws; and
Acting upon the proposal of the Minister of Public Works, the approval of the Cabinet and the Federal National Council and the ratification of the Federal Supreme Council;
Have promulgated the following Law:
Article 1
In the application of the provisions of this Law, and unless the context otherwise provide, the following words shall have the meanings shown opposite to each:
The State: The United Arab Emirates State.
The Ministry: The Ministry of Public Works.
The Minister: The Minister of Public Works.
The Committee: The Committee allocating the Government dwellings.
The dwellings: The government dwellings built by the ministry and reserved for lodging the citizens’ families in the State.
The family: The members of a family made up of a husband and wife and their children and /or other family members living together.
The Beneficiary: The person or persons to whom government dwelling is allocated by a decision.
Article 2
For benefiting from a dwelling, the applicant must fulfill the following conditions:
1- That he be a State citizen.
2- That his total income does not allow him to own a private dwelling. The implementing regulation shall determine the criteria for assessing such income.
3- That the wife or minor children of the applicant are not owners of a private dwelling whose title was transferred to them by the head of the family; or which they disposed of through transfer of ownership subsequent to the effective date of this Law. Unless the house is not fit for habitation. In the application of this provision, a regulation issued by the Minister shall fix the specifications of the dwelling considered unfit for habitation.
Article 3
The Committee distributing the government lodgings shall be formed as follows:
The Undersecretary of the Ministry Chairman
The assistant undersecretary of the Ministry Deputy Chairman
The director general of Sheikh Zayed’s housing program member
A representative of the ministry of Finance and Industry member
A representative of the ministry of Economy member
A representative of the ministry of Social Affairs member
A representative of the municipality of the Emirate where the dwellings distribution takes place member
The director of the housing department in the ministry: member and reporter.
The Head of the Committee may adjoin to the Committee one or more expert who shall not have voting power in the Committee’s resolutions.
Article 4
The Committee shall have the following jurisdiction:
1- Formulate the schemes and criteria relating to the distribution of dwellings.
2- Examine the applications, for benefiting from the dwellings, submitted by the citizens to the competent Bodies in the Emirates, and make the necessary recommendations in this respect.
3- Make the necessary recommendations with respect to recovering the lodgings in the instances stipulated in this law.
4- Any other competences referred to it by the Minister relative to the jurisdiction of the Committee.
Article 5
The Committee’s meetings shall be held in the seat of the Ministry, or in any other place, upon convocation of its Chairman or request from at least three of its members. Meetings of the Committee shall not be valid unless attended by a majority of its members provided the Chairman or his deputy are among the attending. Resolutions shall be taken by majority vote of the attending members. In case of a tie, the votes of those in the Chairman’s side shall prevail. Resolutions shall be enforceable only after ratification by the Chairman of the Committee.
The Committee’s Chairman may form subsidiary committees from among the Committee members or from outside in order to study a specific topic or perform field visits concerning some topics relative to the Committee’s work and submit the results thereof to the committee which shall take the necessary actions in their regard.
Article 6
Applications for benefiting from the dwellings shall be submitted to the Ministry on the form prepared for this purpose with all required data, deeds, and documents as determined by the implementing regulation to this Law.
Article 7
Priority in benefiting from these dwellings shall be as determined by the Committee, provided the priority in examining and approving the submitted applications is observed in the following instances:
1- Persons whose private dwellings have been expropriated for public utility, if they were residing therein at the time of expropriation and they do not have another dwelling.
2- Under age orphans.
3- Heirs supported by the applicant.
4- Widows and divorcees.
Article 8
The beneficiary’s sons residing with him in the dwelling have the right to apply for obtaining a private dwelling for themselves should they marry and fulfill the conditions decided in this respect in accordance with this Law.
Article 9
The decision allocating the benefit of a dwelling shall be issued by the Committee in the name of the Head of the family or his heirs who were under his custody, in case of his death prior to the issuance of such decision.
Article 10
Whoever is notified that he has been allocated a dwelling and refuses to take delivery thereof, or where three months have elapsed since the signature of the delivery report without having an acceptable justification for not occupying it, shall forfeit his right to benefit from the dwelling. Should he wish to benefit from another dwelling, he must submit a new application.
Article 11
Title to the dwelling shall pass to the beneficiary by a ministerial decision after the lapse of one year as of the date of taking delivery thereof. The concerned authorities in the Emirates shall issue the ownership deeds to the beneficiaries on the strength of the said decision.
Article 12
The beneficiary may not, during five years from the issuance of the ownership deed, dispose of the dwelling by selling, bartering, donating renting or assigning it to third parties or subject it to any principal or accessory real right.
Subsequent to the said five - year period, the beneficiary may dispose of the dwelling by any of the mentioned means after securing the approval of the Committee.
Article 13
Should the beneficiary pass away prior to the completion of the five-year period, his heirs who were under his custody shall succeed to him in completing the said period and the ownership of the dwelling shall pass to them upon fulfilling the conditions for benefiting from it.
Article 14
Beneficiaries, under this Law, may exchange the dwellings allocated to them through agreement between themselves. The exchange decision shall be issued by the Chairman of the Committee upon written application from the concerned persons.
Article 15
The dwelling may be recuperated from the beneficiary in the following instances:
1- If he looses the State nationality.
2- If it is established that he submitted incorrect information through which he obtained allocation of the dwelling.
3- If he uses the dwelling in a manner inconsistent with the conditions stipulated in the allocation regulation.
4- If a change in his social condition occurred and the Committee approved allocation of another dwelling to him.
Article 16
In all cases referred to in Article 15, the recuperation decision must be issued by the Minister upon recommendation of the Committee. The person subject to a recuperation order must promptly deliver the dwelling to the competent Body within the time limit fixed by the Committee.
The person from whom the dwelling has been recuperated is entitled to be compensated for the added fixtures thereto.
Article 17
The Minister shall issue the implementing regulation and the rules required for the implementation of this Law.
Article 18
The concerned Bodies shall implement the provisions of this Law.
Article 19
The Federal Law no. 9 of 1973, referred to, is hereby abrogated. Are also abrogated every provision violating or contradicting the provisions of this Law.
Article 20
This Law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into effect as of the date of its publication.
Promulgated by Us at The Dubai
Presidential Palace
On 6 Shaaban 1428 H.
Corresponding to 19 August 2007
Khalifah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
President of the United Arab Emirates State
This Federal Law has been published in the Official Gazette, issue no. 469, p.17.