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100 Percent Tax Refund Scheme Introduced in the UAE for Tourists.

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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The UAE government has introduced a paperless tax refund system for tourists visiting the country. Under the electronic tax-refund system, registered retail merchants in the Emirates will generate electronic invoices that will allow tourists to claim VAT refunds.

The system is integrated for purchases or shopping at a variety of hotels, shopping centres, malls, and other retail locations.
Upon departure from the UAE, tourists can use one of more than 100 self-service kiosks of Planet Tax Free available at departure points, for a hassle-free experience.

Planet Tax Free is the exclusive operator of the tax refund system for tourists in the UAE and they can complete a transaction, receive the digital invoice, and share it directly with Planet Tax Free.

The new solution is integrated electronically between retail outlets and the tax refund scheme, ensuring a seamless digital process of issuing, sending, modifying, and saving invoices for tourists.

It is estimated that 3.5 million traditional paper invoices will go digital which will save merchants up to five minutes per customer that would have been spent printing receipts and will save more than 16,800 trees per year as well as reduce more than 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

All tourists who spend at least Dh250 on purchases can claim their VAT refunds at designated outlets before leaving the country in fewer than two minutes.
The Cash refunds are subject to a limit of Dh35,000 and if it exceeds the limit, it must be paid into a credit or debit card.

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