20 Year Old Showjumper Sues Mom’s Doctor Over “Wrongful Conception”

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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A case that was resolved recently involves a one of kind judgement given by the Judge in charge. This case ruling is unique because it held the healthcare professional liable for inadequate pre-conception advice.

A woman suffering from a spinal condition, ‘Spina Bifida’, has sued her mother’s doctor for not giving the right advice before conceiving. Evie Toombes, a showjumper from the UK accused her mother’s doctor of “wrongful conception” since she was born with the spinal condition.

According to sources, Evie would sometimes spend a whole day connected to tubes. This, according to her might have been totally avoided if she weren’t born. 20 year old Evie moved Dr. Philip Mitchell to court with an accusation against him that he did not advise her mother well, and that lead to Evie getting born with ‘Spina Bifida’.

As per Evie’s statements, her mother was not advised to consume folic acid supplements to minimise the risk of ‘spina bifida’ affecting her child.

Judge Rosalind Coe QC heard her case in the London High Court and ruled that if the doctor had given her the right advice, Evie’s mother would have delayed the attempts to conceive. Judge Rosalind also mentioned that the baby being born from a later conception would have been a healthy one.

Evie’s mother had told the court earlier that she was only advised by Dr. Philip to maintain a good diet and that she didn’t have to consume folic acid.

As per the ruling, Evie is entitled to get a payout that is huge considering the fact that she has to bear her treatment costs for the rest of her life. Her lawyer mentioned that the amount to be received is huge however; the sum has to be calculated.