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2769 Legal Consultants from 78 Countries Practice Legal Consultancy in the Emirate of Dubai.

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department disclosed that, until the end of August 2022, the total number of legal consultants registered with the Department reached 2769, from 78 different Arab and foreign nationalities. Also, they work in line with the regulations and procedures governing the legal profession, in a manner that obeys the nature of the investment climate in Dubai. 

His Excellency Dr Lowai Mohamed Belhoul, Director General of the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, stated that the legal professional sector builds up the economic climate in the Emirate, and provides an attractive investment environment with diverse expertise and people from different backgrounds and nationalities, in a manner that nurtures diversity in the legal fields as practised by legal consultants registered with the Department. 

This meets the aspirations of recipients of legal services in the Emirate of Dubai and improves competitiveness, which reflects favourably on providing exceptional legal services. 

Dr Belhoul added that the measures taken by the Department to reduce and facilitate registration and licensing requirements added impetus to the professional legal sector, especially by attracting 72 new international firms licensed by the Department. These firms have found a favourable environment in the Emirate of Dubai for practising the legal profession, due to the flexible requirements and procedures that contribute to saving time and effort, which enables customers to avail of distinguished government services.

Dr Juma Obaid AlFalasi, Director of the Advocates and Legal Consultants Affairs Directorate, pointed out that the Department works with clear plans and objectives to attract the best international firms with professional reputations and different specializations to meet the aspirations of investors in terms of providing various legal services in the Emirate. 

This is true in light of accelerating economic and digital transformation and its impacts in the investment sector, such as blockchain, trade transactions, electronic contracts, and augmented reality - Metaverse, and all legal dimensions associated with these developments. Dr Jumaa also highlighted the Department's keenness to include these new developments in the training programmes provided by the Department to registered legal consultants to raise the bar of legal work in the Emirate.

The number of registered legal consultants from non-Arab nationalities reached 1583, accounting for 47% of the total number of those registered with the Department. The United Kingdom’s share alone stands at 47 per cent, followed by India (9.5 per cent), Australia (6.8 per cent), the US (5.6 per cent) and Canada and France (4 per cent). The rest come from countries like Germany, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Italy, South Korea and Spain.

The legal professionals in the UAE have played an important role as an advisor and an upholder of rights. By helping solve disputes between entities like individuals, governments, and common people. They help common people in upholding their basic rights. 

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