A dentist was fined AED 70,000 for stealing patient records from a hospital.

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


dentist stole patient data addresses phone numbers

A dentist stole patient data, addresses, and phone numbers from the hospital where he worked and was fined AED 20,000.

The man used the information to get in touch with the patients so he could offer them other medical services at a private clinic he started after leaving the hospital.

He was also directed to pay a compensation of AED 50,000 to the hospital.

The Ras Al Khaimah Appeals Court upheld the sentences given to the dentist by the Misdemeanour Court, which found him guilty of stealing information from the medical center where he previously worked.

 After he left the hospital, he contacted the patients and asked them to finish their treatment with him in his private clinic.

 The hospital said that they incurred a loss of AED 389,000 because 202 patients went to the dentist to complete their treatment. The hospital said that 80% of the hospital's patients had gone to the defendant's private clinic.

The hospital also informed the court that it lost money because the dentist stole their clients. It also hurt the healthcare industry's reputation, and patients lost trust in him because he couldn't keep their private information secret.

The hospital had asked the dentist to pay AED 1 million as compensation for emotional and physical harm.

In the lawsuit memorandum, the lawyer for the defendant said that his client is a dentist who specializes in orthodontics. He also said that his client used to work for the plaintiff and shared 50% of the hospital's income.

The lawyer said that the plaintiff had agreed to this in the labor case in which he was given AED 496,000 as a partner.

He also said that the customer information that his client used was not private because he got it from a doctor. The attorney asked that the case be dismissed.

After hearing from everyone, the judge found the dentist guilty and directed him to pay an AED 20,000 fine and AED 50,000 in compensation to the hospital.

The man appealed the decision, but the appeals court upheld the decision of the lower court.


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