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A drunk man was fined AED 10,000 for trespassing into his neighbor’s house.

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


man alleges influence alcohol

The man alleges that, while under the influence of alcohol, he did not recall the apartment number and mistook it for his own.


The Dubai Misdemeanour and Violations Court punished a man with AED 10,000 for breaking into his neighbor’s apartment while under the influence of alcohol and refusing to leave despite the residents' demands.


According to case records, the event occurred in a Dubai Marina apartment complex in May of last year. A young guy from a Gulf nation was caught aback when the accused, a 34-year-old man of European origin, entered his residence without warning. The former claims he attempted to prevent the accused from entering, but he refused and entered, nonetheless.


The complainant then called his father for aid; his father arrived at the property and attempted to remove the accused; however, this was also unsuccessful as the drunk man continued to refuse to leave, instead walking around the apartment and saying it was his. The complaint then contacted law enforcement.


When police arrested and interrogated the drunk man, he claimed to have been confused because he lived in a similar flat adjacent to the complainant. The defendant claimed that he did not plan to break into his neighbor’s flat, but under the effect of alcohol, he mistook the apartment for his own since he did not recognize the unit number.


The Dubai Public Prosecution found the man guilty of trespassing and fined him Dh10,000.

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