A man who became impotent after a botched treatment is compensated with 500,000 AED.

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:40:59


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After being found guilty of severe medical negligence, the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance ordered the hospital and the two doctors who performed the procedure to compensate the man.
The victim had filed a lawsuit against the hospital and the two doctors, seeking compensation of 3 million AED for physical, moral, and financial harm.
He had gone to the hospital because he was experiencing discomfort in his lower abdomen. A doctor had prescribed an analgesic for him. The next day, he had swelling in his lower belly and returned to the hospital in excruciating discomfort. A second doctor diagnosed him with a bacterial infection and gave him antibiotics for the following ten days, but the pain did not go away.
He was admitted to the urology department of the hospital and was still in discomfort. He complained of impotence, and the first and second doctors were revealed to be 80 and 20% responsible, respectively, for his condition.
The guy filed a complaint, and the medical committee determined that the victim had suffered due to the wrong diagnosis. The judge ruled that he be compensated with 500,000 AED.