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A worker was sentenced to death for the premeditated murder of a businessman and his wife.

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


construction worker 2020 murdered Indian couple bed

The construction worker who 2020 murdered an Indian couple in their bed at Arabian Ranches had his death sentence confirmed by the Court of Appeal in Dubai. 


The employee was also found guilty of stealing Dh2,000 and attempting to murder the couple's daughter.

According to the court papers, he broke into a home in the Mirador neighborhood of Arabian Ranches and stole Dh1,965 from a wallet that was left on the first floor. Later, he went to the bedroom of the couple to look for more. One of the victims, however, a businessman, heard his nightstand drawer open and woke up. While he was still awake, the worker stabbed him to death and then turned to his wife.

Ten stab wounds were found on the body of the businessman, including in the head, chest, abdomen, and left shoulder, according to the autopsy. Fourteen stab wounds were found in his wife's body; they were in her head, neck, chest, cheek, ear, and right arm. It appears that the stabs were strong enough to cut through their blanket.

Outside the bedroom, the attacker encountered the couple's daughter, then 18 years old, and stabbed her in the neck, seriously injuring her. The child and her 15-year-old sister witnessed the gruesome incident before the injured daughter called the police and a friend of their father.

The suspect was identified as a person who had worked at the victim's villa in the months before the crime, according to the evidence acquired by the police. The condemned man had already admitted his guilt and been sentenced to death. The Court of Appeals agreed with the initial decision.

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