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Abbott Labs is Facing Lawsuit Regarding PediaSure's Impact on Children’s Height

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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Abbott Labs is facing a legal battle as a lawsuit has been filed against them, claiming that their popular product PediaSure has made misleading assertions about its ability to influence height in children. The lawsuit alleges that Abbott Labs has engaged in deceptive marketing practices, leading consumers to believe that regular consumption of PediaSure will result in noticeable height growth in children.

A New York City resident has sued Abbott Laboratories, claiming that the company misled customers by saying that its PediaSure nutrition powder was "clinically proven" to enhance children's height. In the proposed class action, she claimed that she had bought PediaSure Grow & Gain vanilla and strawberry drinks for her eight-year-old grandson, who was shorter than his peers, in the hope that they would help him grow taller.

According to the resident, after a year of consuming two PediaSure drinks per day, her grandson remained short for his age and had become overweight to the point where she stopped buying the drinks. She expressed her disappointment, dismissing PediaSure as nothing more than a "flavored sugar and milk-based drink that contains vitamins" and stating that it is not a remedy for shortness. She further alleged that the company is aware, based on its own studies, that its claim of being "clinically proven" is false and misleading.

In its response to the case, Abbott Laboratories said that it lacks merit and defended PediaSure as a scientifically developed to assist growth and development.

According to Abbott, PediaSure is intended for kids between the ages of two and thirteen and has been clinically proven to assist kids in improving their growth.

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