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Abu Dhabi man sues law firm for Dh167,000 after failing to win a commercial dispute despite assurances.

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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The Abu Dhabi Family and Civil and Administrative Claims Court dismissed a civil case in which a resident sought Dh167,000 from a legal company and a lawyer for losing commercial litigation despite prior assurances that they would win his case.

According to court papers, the individual filed the complaint against the legal firm and the lawyer who defended him in court, seeking that they pay him Dh117,000 and an additional Dh50,000 in damages for the physical and psychological losses he experienced as a result of the loss of his business litigation.

The complainant stated that he had accepted to have the legal firm represented by the second defendant (lawyer) file and register his business complaint, as well as represent him before the court and non-judicial bodies. He had been charged Dh70,000 in legal costs.

He stated that he paid the defendants Dh62,500 in cash to initiate the commercial case against the corporation he accused. However, the guy alleged in his complaint that the company and the lawyer violated the terms of the contract, resulting in damages when the case was lost.

The law firm and the lawyer, in contrast, hand, filed a claim, seeking that 
the man pays them Dh7,500, the rest of the legal expenses in the prior litigation, as well as their legal expenditures in the lawsuit against them. However, the Abu Dhabi Family and Civil and Administrative Claims Court dismissed the residents’ petition.

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