Abu Dhabi Police Announces Fines for Reckless Driving

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:40:59


might part UAEs 2021 vision reduce traffic casualties

This might be a part of UAE's 2021 vision to reduce the traffic casualties

Abu Dhabi police has announced fines for reckless driving, along with hefty fines and provisions for seizure of the vehicle. The offenders caught for reckless driving will be fined for 52,000 AED. The break-up of the fine includes 2,000 AED and will have to pay 50,000 AED for the vehicle to be released, after being seized for 60 Days. The driver will also receive 23 Black Points. Reckless driving involves endangers lives, or facilities and public infrastructure.

The Ministerial Decision No. 178/2017, elucidates on the Rules and Procedures of Traffic Control. Annexure 1 of the said Law describes reckless driving. Although the term "reckless driving" is not specifically mentioned or defined in the table, these two offenses result in the imposition of 2000 AED as fine, 23 Traffic Points and 60 Days of seizure for light vehicles:

  1. Driving a vehicle in a way endangering his life or the life, safety, or security of others.
  2. Driving a vehicle in a way intended to cause damage to public or private facilities

These two contraventions appear as the first entry on the table. However, as per the Abu Dhabi Police announcement reckless driving would further entail payment of 50,000 AED for the vehicle to be released once the seizure period is complete. This could be seen as a measure in furtherance of UAE's Vision 2021 to bring down traffic casualties from about 6 per 100,000 people to 3 per 100,000.