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Abu Dhabi Police Warns Motorists on Tailgating

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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The Abu Dhabi Police issued a warning that tailgating other vehicles on the Emirate roads of Abu Dhabi will result in a Dh5,400 fine and four traffic black points.

Because the infringement is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents in the Emirate, the vehicle will be seized under traffic law.

The warning was issued as a part of the 'Journey to Safety' awareness campaign launched by the Abu Dhabi Police in a bid to improve road safety.

In order to show how dangerous tailgating can be, the social media handles of Abu Dhabi Police published a video of two different tailgating instances on the left-most lane.

 Tailgating Induces Hazardous Driving Behaviours

According to the police, motorists frequently engage in tailgating in order to persuade others ahead of them to clear the path.

While doing so, tailgaters engage in potentially hazardous driving behaviours, such as incessant honking or flashing high-beam headlights in a distracting manner.

The Penalties

According to the Instagram post by Abu Dhabi Police, tailgating is punishable under Law No. 5 of 2020 on vehicle impoundment. This law prescribes a Dh400 fine and four traffic black points for violators.

The vehicle is also seized, and the owner must pay a Dh5,000 charge to get it released within three months.

Abu Dhabi Police also encouraged slow-moving vehicles to be driven on the right-most lanes for the safety of all road users.

If a vehicle fails to give way to vehicles approaching from behind or from the overtaking lane on the left, it will be fined Dh400.