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ADAFSA Shuts Down High-Quality Foodstuff Trading: How to Report Food Safety Violations?

During a routine inspection, ADAFSA officials found live poultry improperly stored at the supermarket

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Published on May 22, 2024, 16:04:12


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The Abu Dhabi Agricultural and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has closed down High Quality Foodstuff Trading - One Person Company LLC after discovering significant safety standard violations.

During a routine inspection, ADAFSA officials found live poultry improperly stored at the supermarket, prompting immediate action due to the serious nature of the breach.

ADAFSA conducts regular inspections to ensure all food establishments comply with stringent safety standards. The violation at High Quality Foodstuff Trading located in Musaffah was deemed severe enough to warrant the closure of the supermarket until the issues are rectified.

To keep the public informed, ADAFSA shared details of the violation and subsequent closure on social media. The supermarket will be allowed to reopen only after it addresses ADAFSA’s concerns and meets all required safety standards.

How to Report Food Safety Violations

If you observe any safety violations at your nearest food outlet or grocery store, it is the responsibility of the public to report them to the authorities to help maintain public health and safety standards. In Abu Dhabi, you can contact the Abu Dhabi Agricultural and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) by calling their helpline at 800 555.

Abu Dhabi sets a high benchmark for food safety and consumer protection by ensuring that only compliant businesses operate. The prompt actions taken by ADAFSA underscore the city's commitment to upholding these rigorous standards.

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