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Be Cautious: Abu Dhabi Police Warn of Fake Bank Receipts from Fraudulent Buyers

Fraudsters often send 'receipts' claiming payment transfer, though no actual payment is made

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Judith Mariya

Published on May 17, 2024, 15:56:22


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If you're selling items online, be cautious of fraudsters who send fake bank receipts, the police have warned.
On Friday, the Abu Dhabi Police issued an alert about a scam targeting online sellers.

These fraudulent buyers typically send 'receipts' claiming they have transferred the money, but no payment is actually made.

Col. Muslim Muhammad Al Amari, director of the Criminal Security Sector, explained that the scam begins when a fraudster identifies an unsuspecting seller who has listed an item for sale online, often on social media platforms.

"After negotiating the terms of the transaction, the 'buyer' sends fake bank receipts, stating that the transfer process will take several days. Using this supposed 'proof' of payment, the scammer then asks to receive the items," said Col. Al Amari.

Victims of this scam end up handing over their items to the fraudulent buyer, only to discover later that the receipt was fake and no money was transferred.

Col. Al Amari urged sellers to withhold items until they have confirmed the payment has been credited to their account. "Do not take any action until the payment has been received," he advised.

Those who encounter such scams should report them immediately to the police. In Abu Dhabi, residents can contact the police via the toll-free hotline 8002626 (AMAN2626), send an SMS to 2828, or email aman@adpolice.gov.ae. Complaints can also be filed through the police's official app. 

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