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BlockFi Crypto Users Suffer as a Result of the Court's Decision to Block Disputed Coin Transfers

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Bankruptcy Judge Michael Kaplan handed ruling could

US Bankruptcy Judge Michael Kaplan has handed down a ruling that could cause significant financial losses to investors who had interest-bearing accounts with BlockFi Inc. and were seeking the return of almost $300 million in cryptocurrency that was frozen by the company last year. The judge's decision dealt a severe blow to the customers' efforts, as it questioned ownership rights over the digital assets, even before they were transferred into a safe, digital wallet. Despite the objection raised by a group of customers who argued that they maintained ownership of the coins in question, the judge's ruling may result in losses for them.

BlockFi, a prominent crypto lending and borrowing platform, has encountered significant challenges in recent months. In December 2021, the company froze transfers of specific cryptocurrencies, citing potential regulatory concerns. This action sparked frustration and concern among its customer base, particularly those holding substantial amounts of digital assets.

Judge Kaplan ruled in favor of BlockFi and rejected the objections raised against them. The judge's decision clarified that customers who opted to conserve their assets in accounts that generate interest effectively gave up some of their ownership rights. However, customers who held custodial accounts continued their ownership rights. This differentiation was crucial in determining the outcome of the disagreement.

Judge Kaplan's recent ruling further compounds the difficulties faced by affected customers, as it renders transfers made on or after November 10, 2021, void. Consequently, individuals seeking to reclaim their assets may now be confronted with significant losses.

The decision carries broad implications for BlockFi customers who had entrusted the platform to safeguard and manage their crypto holdings. It serves as a reminder of the risks associated with interest-bearing accounts and underscores the importance of thoroughly understanding the terms and conditions of such platforms. 

Similar to other crypto platforms, BlockFi operates within a rapidly evolving and often uncertain regulatory landscape. While the company endeavors to comply with relevant regulations, the judge's ruling highlights the potential pitfalls and challenges faced by both customers and crypto firms in navigating this complex environment.

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