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Can't afford counsel fees? Here are 4 institutions which offer free legal advice in UAE

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


UAE, Dubai, Legal, Institutions, government

Four formal channels that offer legal and judicial aid for those who cannot afford attorneys' fees were announced by the UAE Digital Government (DGOV).

This is in conformity with the Constitution of the United Arab Emirates, which states that everyone must have easy access to a competent attorney and that no one's social or economic situation may prevent them from receiving fair treatment.

Legal advice and counselling, lawyer assignment, expertise expense deposits, and published notification costs are among the services provided.

Beneficiaries must meet qualifying requirements based on the seriousness of the situation and degree of income before receiving these services.

Ministry’s free legal service

It said that the Ministry of Justice offers free legal consultation of court documents to those individuals who are unable to pay.

ADJD free legal aid

Additionally, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) provides poor and needy persons with free legal aid services and counsels them in a neutral and lawful manner to promote their right to simple access to justice.

Services include issuing newspaper notices, paying expert fees, and providing advocacy services.

The assistance is based on a set of eligibility requirements, such as the severity of the situation and the income of the service recipient.


The DGOV added that authorised law firms are now able to provide free voluntary legal consultations to litigants through the Dubai Courts' "Shoor" (consult us) service. Each company is free to establish the maximum monthly hours for consulting that they will provide.

The Dubai Courts' Litigant Guidance division oversees the program's operation and connects litigants with the participating law firms.

Legal clinic

The Legal Clinic programme in Dubai is also managed by the Community Development Authority (CDA), which offers all inhabitants of Dubai free legal consultation services. Professional lawyers answer to public inquiries submitted by the authority via agreements with CDA.

The legal clinic aims to raise the community's awareness of their legal rights according to the Child Protection Act and the Personal Status Law.

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