Cats, Dogs and Olive: The Bizarre Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced

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Published on February 13, 2024, 14:15:27


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"Till death do us part" – all marriages begin with this vow, yet many eventually part ways due to indifference and incompatibility between partners.
But have you heard about pets being the reason for divorce? Yes, pets have become a major cause of divorce in Kuwait.

According to reports, in 2023 alone, 40 cases of divorce among Kuwaiti couples were attributed to disputes arising from the care and attention given to cats and dogs within the household.
Cats and dogs are often the main instigators; partners feel that their spouses are more caring and affectionate towards the pets than towards their own family.

As pets become integral parts of the family, it's not easy to separate from them as individuals become psychologically attached to them. In one peculiar case, a husband contended that his partner's focus on the dog deprived him of the attention and care he deserved. In court, he lamented, "She should prioritise taking care of me over the dog that consumes all her attention."

The issue isn't limited to dogs; disputes over cats also arise, with some issuing ultimatums like, "It's either me or the cat." These disagreements often reach a deadlock, as neither side is willing to compromise on their pet-care practices.

However, this is not the only bizarre reason for divorce in Kuwait. Recently, a Kuwaiti man filed for divorce due to his wife’s obsession with olives. Yes, you heard it right – olives.

According to media reports, the husband's grievance revolves around his wife's fondness for olives, a preference he finds intolerable due to his aversion to the fruit's smell. Despite his efforts to address the issue with his wife and explain his discomfort, their differences persisted. Allegedly, the wife's refusal to compromise on her love for olives prompted the husband to file a lawsuit seeking damages for the purported harm caused by her culinary choices.

The list doesn’t end here; couples have their reasons to part ways, ranging from random pet peeves to food choices or daunting habits.

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