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Dad Who Suffered Brain Injury Days After Getting COVID Vaccine Sues AstraZeneca

Jamie Scott alleges the pharmaceutical giant exaggerated the vaccine's effectiveness and downplayed its risks

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Published on April 30, 2024, 11:34:36


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A father who suffered a brain injury just days after receiving a British-developed COVID vaccine is taking legal action against AstraZeneca, alleging that the pharmaceutical giant downplayed the vaccine's risks and exaggerated its effectiveness.

Jamie Scott, now unable to work and facing profound life changes, asserts that had he been fully informed of the risks, he would not have opted for the jab.

In his first televised interview with Sky News, Scott shared: "I took it to protect the elderly people around me. AstraZeneca and the government need to explain the risk whenever you take medicine. If there's a risk - I've got a young family - I would never have taken it."

Ten days after his first vaccine dose in April 2021, Scott experienced severe symptoms including a debilitating headache, vomiting, and speech difficulties. Hospitalised, he was diagnosed with a brain clot and hemorrhage, leading to surgery and a month-long coma. His current condition includes memory loss, impaired vision and difficulties with basic functions like reading, writing, and speaking.

Scott's case is among 51 lodged with the High Court, including claims from bereaved relatives, alleging vaccine-related damage. Despite receiving £120,000 from the government's Vaccine Damage Payment (VDP) scheme, Scott contends that it's insufficient to cover the loss of his IT career income and meet ongoing expenses.

His wife, Kate, emphasised the need for reform in the VDP scheme, stating, "If Jamie was in a car crash there would have been insurance to cover the injuries and loss of income." She added, "If VDP was reformed, we would not have to litigate."

The AstraZeneca vaccine, developed by scientists at the University of Oxford, underwent accelerated testing due to the pandemic's urgency and was authorised for emergency supply in December 2020. Despite assurances from the government and medical professionals regarding its safety, reports of rare but serious blood clotting emerged in spring 2021, prompting concerns.

Sarah Moore, a lawyer representing  Scott and other claimants, highlighted the absence of warnings about such risks at the time of vaccination, arguing for greater transparency in product literature.
AstraZeneca contends that regulatory authorities have stringent safety standards for vaccines, emphasizing the vaccine's overall safety profile and the benefits outweighing extremely rare potential side effects.

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