Daughter sues her father for AED 3.3 million.

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Official court documents stated daughter filed lawsuit

Official court documents stated that the daughter filed a lawsuit against her father in which she demanded that he pays her AED 3.7 million - the value of the property he sold off, without her consent. She also demanded AED 500,000/- in compensation for the moral and material damages.

The woman explained in her lawsuit that 16 years ago, she gave AED 800,000/- to her father after they had agreed that he would buy a residential plot of land for her and transfer the title deed to her name. The father had bought the land with the money he received from his daughter, but he did not transfer the title to his daughter’s name. She confirmed that her father instead used the land for himself and invested in it for 16 years.

The woman said she remained patient and did not take any legal action at first because of their relationship. However, in 2021, she learned to her surprise that her father sold off the land at AED 3.7 million without her knowledge and consent and that he kept all the cash from the sale. The daughter said in her lawsuit that her father caused her financial loss as she had missed out on the opportunity to enjoy her money and invest it somewhere else where it would get her profit.

After hearing from both parties, the Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administrative Claims Court issued a ruling ordering the father to pay AED 3.3 million to his daughter. He was also asked to pay AED 50,000/- in compensation for the damages and his daughter’s legal expenses as well.

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