Dilemma on UAE-India Flight Services Resuming to Normalcy

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Dilemma on UAE-India Flight Services Resuming to Normalcy

The one significant uncertainty is whether India would open up its skies completely after December 15. Will the Omicron variant postpone the return of foreign flights even more?

This is based on flight ticket prices between the UAE and India. In recent weeks, cost of fares surpassed Dh3,000. Despite India's announcement that full service could resume on December 15, the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation stated in a circular issued last week that the date for full services to resume will be notified.

Although flight charges are high, the IPL cricket matches and World Cup T20 conducted here sparked a surge in Indian visitors.

Apart from the restrictions, the exorbitant ticket prices would deter anyone from travelling. As demand outstripped available seat space, fares between the UAE and India have been topping the Dh3,000 mark in the previous week, particularly on the Dubai-Delhi and Dubai-Mumbai routes.

New rules have been established by The Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for overseas passengers landing in the country. The new guidelines, issued on November 30, supersede an earlier set issued on November 11 and November 28, in response to concerns about the latest COVID-19 variant.

Passengers must Fill out a self-declaration form on the Air Suvidha website. Submit a COVID-19 RT-PCR report that is negative. This test should have been completed 72 hours before embarking on the journey with a declaration attesting to the authenticity of the report, and if this is not done, they will face criminal charges.

Travellers from certain countries are also identified for additional follow-up based on the epidemiological situation of COVID-19.