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DLD’s New Collaboration to Enhance Opportunities for Emiratis in the Real Estate Sector

New programme to empower local talent and facilitate their advancement within the real estate industry

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Published on April 1, 2024, 14:06:20


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The Dubai Land Department (DLD) announced a significant collaboration with nine prominent developers, both private and government-backed, to boost job opportunities for Emiratis in the real estate sector.

The agreement, signed with companies including Emaar Properties, Expo Dubai, and Damac Properties, aims to allocate a portion of their projects, ranging from 10 to 15 per cent, to be sold exclusively through Emirati brokers.

This initiative is part of the "Dubai Real Estate Programme," designed to empower local talent and facilitate their advancement within the real estate industry.

Alongside project allocation, the agreement includes provisions for offering guidance, professional training, and ongoing support to Emirati professionals. The objective is to attract more nationals to the private sector and enhance their expertise, enabling them to establish successful ventures in real estate.

Following the surge in Dubai's real estate sector post-pandemic, there has been a notable increase in job opportunities, particularly in brokerage services.

The demand from both local and international investors has led to the establishment of numerous brokerage firms. Recognizing this trend, DLD aims to further expand its network by collaborating with additional developers in the near future.

The programme's primary goal is to boost Emirati participation in the real estate market. By encouraging their involvement in real estate activities, the initiative seeks to enhance their contribution to one of Dubai's key economic sectors.

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