Dubai Criminal Court convicts man of embezzlement of company funds

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Dubai, UAE, Criminal court, company funds, accountant, bills, customers

The Dubai Criminal Court convicted an Arab man working as a sales executive for a tour and travel company on charges of embezzlement of the company's funds amounting to more than AED 69,000. 

Since the accused did not appear before the court, the Court convicted him for the said charges in absentia and he was fined AED 10,000 and ordered to pay back the embezzled amounts. 

The accused often received cash from customers for their requests to make reservations, hotels, and flight bookings which he did not deposit in the company's account. Instead, he made the bookings, collected the cash, and kept the cash for himself. 

The Director and Owner of the Company also confirmed that cash payments from several customers which were to be used for completing the visa process and travel tickets never actually reached the company's account.  

The company's accountant also endorsed the criminal conduct of the accused by stating that he discovered many bills from customers recorded by the accused upon the customer's arrival which were contrary to the instructions of the company.

Upon being confronted, the accused admitted to receiving and keeping the money for himself because he needed the money. 

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