Dubai Government Revises Notary Public Law

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Notary public law amendment


 Dubai Government Revises Notary Public Law

The government of Dubai has amended the law related to notary public which will be implemented
once it is officially announced in the Gazette. Article 14 of Dubai Law No. 4/2013 inter alia adds
an electronic notary provision to supplement the earlier law.

The digital system will perform the duties of a notary public making attestations convenient for people. The new law allows only UAE citizens legally qualified to carry out the task of a notary public. Several conditions are listed out for a notary public under the new law.

The new law states the duty of an individual and private company authorized to provide notary public services in Dubai. The procedure for electronic notary services has been amended. The electronic verification process is standardized to verify the identity of a person and his legal status.

The fee structure for notarizing is also revised. The permanent grievance redressal committee has been reconstituted by the inclusion of one judge from the Dubai Court. The law has a new mechanism to conduct inspections on notary public and new penalties are introduced.