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Dubai Implements Total Ban on Single-Use Bags Starting June 1: Fines and Regulations

Measure is part of a broader policy aimed at phasing out various single-use products by 2026

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Published on May 31, 2024, 12:15:49


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Starting June 1, customers will no longer be able to purchase single-use plastic bags for 25 fils at shops. Instead, they must use alternatives, as Dubai Municipality has announced a complete ban on all single-use bags, including those made of paper.

In a post on its X account, the Municipality reminded residents that the ban will take effect on June 1. This measure is part of a broader policy aimed at phasing out various single-use products by 2026.
Violators of the single-use bag ban will face a fine of Dh200, according to the Municipality.

The civic body encourages residents to switch to reusable cloth bags. They have also communicated the details of the new policy to various stakeholders, including what it covers, the sectors it affects, and more.

Why is Dubai Banning Single-use Plastic and other Single-Use Products?

The ban is part of a global effort to promote sustainability. Reducing the environmental footprint of individuals is essential for preserving natural resources and protecting environmental habitats. These changes will ultimately lead to a healthier environment, which is crucial for maintaining a sustainable and high quality of life.

What are the Environmental Factors Involved?

  • 86 Per cent of dead turtles found on some of the emirates’ shores had ingested plastic materials.
  •  A significant percentage of camel deaths in the UAE are due to the consumption of plastic bags.
  •  100,000 marine animals are affected yearly by plastic pollution.
  •  It takes over 400 years for plastic to decompose, with its negative impacts lasting thousands of years.

Which Bags Does the Ban Include?

The ban covers the plastic bags announced in January 2024 and extends to all bags thinner than 57 micrometers from June 2024 onwards, including:

  • Plastic bags
  •  Paper bags
  •  Bags less than 57 micrometers thick
  •  Bags made of biodegradable vegetable materials
  •  Biodegradable bags

Which Bags are Excluded?

  •  Bread bags
  •  Knot bags
  •  Roll bags for vegetables, meat, fish, and chicken
  •  Bags more than 57 micrometers thick
  •  Laundry bags
  •  Electronic gadgets bags
  •  Garbage bags of different sizes and types
  • Grain bags

For more information, residents are encouraged to read further updates from the Municipality.

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