Dubai Police Apprehended 494 Individuals for Phone Scam Targeting Banking Customers

Authorities caution residents against disclosing their banking details to anyone claiming to be from a financial institution

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Published on April 8, 2024, 15:39:24


Dubai Police apprehended 494 individuals involved 406 phone fraud

Dubai Police have apprehended 494 individuals involved in 406 phone fraud cases targeting bank customers over the past year.

The fraudsters employed various methods including phone calls, emails, SMS, and social media links to deceive victims and gain access to their savings and bank accounts. Significant amounts of money, along with mobile phones, laptops, and SIM cards used in these scams, have been seized by the police.

Brigadier Harib Al Shamsi, acting director of the General Department for Criminal Investigation, cautioned residents against disclosing their banking details or credit card information to anyone claiming to be from a financial institution. Fraudsters often threaten victims by claiming that their bank accounts will be frozen unless they update their details.

“Banks never request information updates over the phone. Customers should update their details directly through the banks' branches, official customer service representatives, or authenticated banking applications,” emphasised the officer.

Residents who have fallen victim to these scams are urged to report them to the police immediately.

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