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Dubai Police Launches Six ‘On-the-Go’ Initiative, No Station Visits Require

The smart initiative offers swift assistance and services to both residents and visitors

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Judith Mariya

Published on May 13, 2024, 14:43:59


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Dubai Police have launched the 'on-the-go' initiative as part of their efforts to enhance accessibility and convenience to the public. Whether it's a minor car accident or the need to report a crime, this initiative offers swift assistance and services to both residents and visitors.

Partnering with fuel supply companies like ENOC, ADNOC and Emarat, Dubai Police brings these services directly to motorists. They can report minor traffic incidents, hit-and-runs, request police assistance, vehicle repairs, or report lost and found items.
Utilising smart devices and advanced technology, this initiative handles various services and procedures on the streets, eliminating the need for physical visits to police stations, thus making the process more convenient.
Operating across 138 service stations in the emirate, the 'on-the-go' initiative provides a range of services, including vehicle repairs, accident reports, police assistance and lost and found services. Fuel station personnel assist motorists in reporting minor accidents and obtaining accident reports, reducing waiting times and assisting police patrols in maintaining traffic flow.
Motorists can get their vehicles repaired after reporting accidents at select stations, with some eligible for free repairs, such as seniors, people with disabilities and pregnant women. Others can benefit from the service for a fee.
Additionally, motorists can report lost/found items through the Dubai Police Smart app, streamlining the process and reducing time and effort. Residents can also report cybercrimes or suspicious activities through the app, website, or at Smart Police Stations (SPS) for prompt assistance.
The Police Eye service allows residents to report crimes for enhanced public safety and community well-being, available in six languages through the Dubai Police app and website.

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