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Dubai Police seize over 400kg of drugs stuffed in beans as part of Operation Legumes.

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Dubai seven hours getting tip police broke international

Dubai: After only seven hours of getting a tip, Dubai police broke up an international drug trafficking ring and found out how the criminals were sneaking in the dangerous drugs.

The General Department of Anti-narcotics at Dubai Police heard that a drug trafficking group was attempting to smuggle drugs in 280 packaging bags (weighing 5.6 tonnes) packed with a mix of real and fake broad beans stuffed with drugs.

A team of investigators found the suspects, broke into their hideout, caught the six bad guys in the act, and took 436kg of toxins from the legumes, which are a type of plant.

How the operation worked out

The department had gotten a reliable tip about a drug-smuggling attempt by an international gang, of which only a few members lived in the emirate and worked elsewhere. The report said that tonnes of illegal drugs were hidden in a shipment of legumes and kept in a warehouse.

When the Dubai Police heard about it, they put together an investigation team that kept a close eye on the suspects and found the warehouse where a lot of board beans had been obscured.

At 0:01, the raid caught the suspects and found the drugs ready to be sent to a nearby country. The drugs were hidden in plastic beans.

‘Outstanding operation’

Officials from Dubai Police said that Operation Legumes is one of the most important things the force has done. This is because the warehouse inspection needed high-level security and a K9 unit to find drugs hidden in plastic food.

A Dubai Police official said, "We will take advantage of every chance to keep local, regional, and international security and safety in sync with our international counterparts." We will keep drug trafficking from happening in the communities and stop all of the criminals' plans. We think that the sharing of information and expertise about drug trafficking with other law enforcement agencies has made it possible to seize more drugs in recent years.

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