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Dubai Set to Host Inaugural International Photonics Conference this Month

Photonics Middle East 2024 to be held from April 19 to 22 at MBRU; 400 scientists and researchers to attend

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Published on April 3, 2024, 09:38:43


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Dubai is gearing up to host a groundbreaking event this month with the inaugural Photonics Middle East conference set to take place from April 19 to 22, 2024.

Expected to draw in 400 scientists and researchers from around the world, the event will be held at the prestigious Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Healthcare City.

Dr PT Ajith Kumar, the Technology Chair and Convener of the event, emphasised the significance of this gathering amidst a pivotal moment in science and technology.

"The event arrives at a crucial juncture as we witness a transformative shift from electronics to photonics," remarked Dr Kumar. Photonics, encompassing the science and technology of light and light-based devices, now permeates every facet of human existence, from information communication technology and artificial intelligence to defence and aerospace, education and healthcare and green energy production and manufacturing.

Photonics Middle East uniquely balances the interests of research and development, industry and academia, according to a press note issued by the organisers.

The conference's focal points span an array of critical areas including photonics in medicine and medical diagnostics, artificial intelligence, robotics and communication, green energy, nano-photonics, photonic chips and integrated optics, aerospace, marine and offshore, manufacturing and fabrication, bio-photonics, photonic structures and materials, laser holography and diffractive optics, lasers for healthcare, immersive learning and Metaverse, document security and identification, photonic crystals and materials, precision non-destructive testing and ultra-high density information storage and archiving.

In addition to insightful research presentations by leading global experts, the conference will feature four enriching workshops tailored for students and participants, along with an exhibition titled Photonics Innovation and Solutions.

A key feature of the event is the Photonics Business Conclave, anticipated to draw policy makers, industry leaders, R&D professionals, healthcare experts and institutions, academic institutions and start-ups.

Photonics Middle East is co-organised by Photonics Innovations, Dubai, and Photonyx Global, USA, with support from various departments and institutions.

The gathering promises to be a defining moment in the advancement of photonics, offering a platform for collaboration, innovation and transformative progress on a global scal

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