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Dubai Won’t Impose Overstay Fine on Visitors Whose Flights Were Cancelled due to Rains

Affected persons seeking exemption from fines should provide confirmation of their cancelled flight

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Published on April 23, 2024, 12:59:43


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Residents and visitors stranded in Dubai due to flight cancellations caused by heavy rainfall will not be subject to overstay fines, according to recent announcements by Dubai authorities.

Typically, overstaying in the UAE beyond the visa grace period incurs a daily fine of 50 dirhams.

Key Details of the Announcement

Policy Change: Individuals affected by flight disruptions directly related to recent rainfall will be exempt from fines for overstaying their visas.
Eligibility: This waiver applies to travelers whose return or onward journeys were impacted by weather-related interruptions at Dubai airports.
Procedure: Affected persons seeking exemption from fines should provide confirmation of their cancelled flight.
Duration of Waiver: The waiver is expected to cover the entire period affected by the rains, although the specific timeframe has not been defined.
Purpose: This decision aims to alleviate the burden on travellers experiencing hardships due to natural weather disruptions, reducing additional stress and financial pressure.

Dubai's initiative to waive visa overstay fines during this exceptional weather event aligns with broader efforts to effectively manage the impact of rare severe weather and uphold Dubai's reputation as a welcoming destination for tourists.

For assistance and further information, affected individuals are encouraged to contact relevant immigration officials and their airline providers.

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