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Eid Al Adha Holidays Announced for Employees in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

UAE announces Eid Al Adha holiday dates for public sector and private sector employees

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Published on June 10, 2024, 17:40:15


eid al adha holidays announced for private sector


In line with the directives of the UAE government, Dubai has declared that all public sector entities will be closed from June 15 to June 18, 2024. The Dubai Government Human Resources Department confirmed that this period is aimed at allowing employees to celebrate and spend time with their families during the festivity.

The Department of Government Support in Abu Dhabi announced similar dates for the public sector, with a statement emphasising the importance of Eid Al Adha in fostering social cohesion and community spirit. Public sector workers in Abu Dhabi will enjoy the holiday from June 15 until June 18. Official work will resume on June 19.

The Human Resources Directorate of Sharjah also confirmed the Eid Al Adha holidays from June 17 to June 18. Sharjah has been noted for often aligning closely with federal holiday schedules to ensure consistency across the emirates.

As per the holiday circular, exceptions are made for authorities, departments and institutions where employees work in shifts or are engaged in public service or the management of public facilities. These organisations will determine the working hours for such employees according to operational requirements to ensure the seamless functioning of their facilities during the holiday period.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has announced that the Eid Al Adha holiday for the private sector will be observed from Saturday, June 15, to Tuesday, June 18.

One paid holiday is provided for Arafah Day, the holiest day in Islam, which falls on Dhul Hijjah 9 in the Hijri calendar, corresponding to Saturday, June 15, in the Gregorian calendar. Additionally, three days off are granted for Eid Al Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice, observed from Dhul Hijjah 10 to 12, which translates to June 16 to 18 in the Gregorian calendar.

Economic and Social Impact

The extended holiday is expected to boost local tourism and retail sectors as residents take advantage of the break to travel within the UAE or engage in shopping and leisure activities. Hospitality and entertainment venues across the country are preparing special offers and events to cater to the anticipated influx of visitors during the holidays.

Looking Ahead

As the Eid Al Adha holidays approach, employees across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah are preparing for a period of reflection, gratitude and community spirit. The announced break underscores the UAE's commitment to honouring cultural traditions while fostering a sense of unity and togetherness among its diverse population.

Residents are advised to keep abreast of any further announcements from their respective emirates regarding additional guidelines or public service updates during the holiday period.

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