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Embezzling Case Uncovered, Accused Arrested

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


embezzlement, money laundering, uae crimes, uae crime, money

A case of salary embezzling by a civil servant was busted by the Kuwait authorities. The employee of the firefighting service had misappropriated a total of KD2 Million through unlawful means.

The now arrested suspect was working under the Kuwait Fire Force (KFF) on a payroll of KD1,000 per month. However, he had tampered with the records of his basic salary without being noticed.

According to sources, the accused had been receiving a salary much higher than his payroll for two years without being noticed. The accused had managed to siphon off large amounts of money by increasing the salary amount mentioned in the digital payroll ledger.

An audit conducted by the Kuwait Fire Force revealed that the suspect was receiving a total of KD50,000 per month, making him earn even more than several senior officials. Upon further investigation of the case, it was revealed that the accused logged into the computer after payroll lists were approved and meddled with his salary amount.

Public prosecution personnel were alerted after this embezzlement case was confirmed by authorities. Thereby, leading to the arrest of the accused.

Sources have also said that the accused has been banned from going abroad due to this case. The suspect has admitted to investigation officials that he had bought precious stones at a renowned market with the money that he embezzled.

A fiscal affairs official had revealed this unlawful means of misappropriating Government money. The accused was employed as a clerk at the KFF’s payroll department before the plot was uncovered.