Emirates NBD: Digital Asset Lab to Accelerate Financial Services Innovation

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Emirates NBD introduced initiative increase creativity advancement

Emirates NBD has introduced an initiative to increase creativity and advancement in the realm of digital assets and financial services within the country. This notable bank has unveiled an active platform that brings together experts, promoting collaborative innovation and experimentation to conceive ideas that leverage digital assets and their underlying technologies.

The Digital Asset Lab aims to explore the potential of digital assets and investigate how the associated technologies can facilitate users in managing their financial service requirements in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The lab is dedicated to improving efficiency, security, and credibility while providing global access to experts through the utilization of these cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, it cultivates knowledge and awareness among the bank's clients and the general public.

Recently,  Emirates NBD agreed to become founding council members with PwC, a professional services company, and Fireblocks, a platform for the transfer and custody of digital assets. These collaborations bring together key factors in the sector to boost innovation and advance the transformation of the financial sector.

Abdulla Qassem, Emirates NBD's Group Chief Operating Officer, emphasized the bank's dedication to technological innovation and keeping up with changes in the market. The launch of the Digital Asset Lab has cemented their position as digital innovators and leaders in the local financial industry. To speed up their transformation process and provide the best solutions for an organization, Qassem emphasized the lab's function as a hub for invention, collaboration, and experimentation with the support of industry partners.

Emirates NBD is committed to promoting innovation in the financial sector within the UAE. The bank aims to take a leading role in advancing digital assets and the technologies that underpin them by creating a collaborative platform and engaging industry experts.

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