Erasing Language barriers: Sharjah police launches “Smart Translation” Service

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Kontheti Subramanya Sai Lakshmi Anuhya

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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Sharjah is the cultural and literary hub of the UAE. As the only Emirate having territory overlooking both the Arab Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, this makes Sharjah the third biggest emirate in the United Arab Emirates and it has always been the epitome of social tranquillity. 

The Sharjah Police force has always proven how responsibility and empathy are the nation's values. Going a step further with empathy and values, the Comprehensive Police Stations Department at Sharjah Police launched the 'Smart Translation' service in 192 languages for foreigners, as a language should never be a barrier during a time of need or emergencies. With this initiative, the Emirate aims to increase social service and security in the country. When foreigners arrive with a case, this is an efficient way to give them more significant direction. According to officials, this technique can be applied to handle many instances involving foreigners. The announcement of the “Smart Translation” service from the Sharjah police has only proven how the Emirates takes excellent effort in connection with their citizens and how they are keen to provide people with effective qualitative services. The pandemic has also shown the world how important it is for a country to adapt to technological advancements. 

There are Toll-Free and Emergency Helpline numbers wherein individuals can converse in the language they are comfortable with, this makes it easy for the officials to solve the grievance much quicker. The only requirement to avail of this service is a working phone. The individual can call 800151 (Sharjah Police Line) and share His/ Her issue by selecting any of the 192 languages they feel comfortable with. This service is also availed by downloading the Sharjah Police app or website. 

Digital technology can also help to improve communication. Sharjah Police has also used the "Remote Visual Investigation" technology. Situations involving family disagreements are predicted to be quickly resolved through this service. In 2020, it was announced by the Sharjah Police that the UAE residents could contact them through WhatsApp as well, which throws light on the dedication and improving efficiency of the Sharjah police. 

Being a country known for tourism, it is necessary to make the tourists comfortable when they need guidance from the police. Talking to tourists in their native language is always a comforting gesture. As per reports, UAE had nearly 5.1 tourists for the first quarter of 2022, which only emphasizes the importance of such services. Including the “Smart Translation” Service the United Arab Emirates is always aiming to come up with schemes and services to make the work effective, efficient, and quick through community inclusiveness.  

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