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Ex-JP Morgan Analyst Receives $35M After Viral Glass Door Accident

JP Morgan Ex-analyst Awarded $35M after Glass Door Shatters on Her, Goes Viral

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Published on April 5, 2024, 13:20:54


JP Morgan, viral video, Meghan Brown

A video capturing the moment Meghan Brown, a former analyst at JP Morgan, pushed open a glass door, causing it to shatter and injure her, has garnered widespread attention online.

Brown, aged 36 at the time, received a hefty compensation of $35 million following the incident which occurred at a building in New York City in 2015, leaving her with permanent brain damage.

The video footage, shared by a user named Collin Rugg, depicts Brown attempting to exit a building when the glass door unexpectedly breaks upon contact, causing her distress. The clip also shows bystanders rushing to her aid.

Rugg's caption accompanying the video explained: "Former JP Morgan analyst awarded $35 million after a glass door shattered on her in Manhattan. Meghan Brown was leaving a physical therapy appointment in 2015 when the glass door shattered on her."

Detailing the aftermath, Rugg stated: "Brown says the event caused a traumatic brain injury which she says ruined her career. The woman was out of a job for a year due to the incident and returned to JP Morgan where she worked until getting fired in 2021."

Rugg informed that "Jurors awarded Brown $35,184,208 in damages after determining that building owner 271 Madison Co.’s negligence was 'a substantial factor in causing' the injury."

Commentary on the video varied among users, with one expressing skepticism about the compensation amount, stating, "that will be a fun appeal. Does she deserve something? Sure. But 35 million??? Nope."

Another user remarked, "She might as well have won the lottery." According to The New York Post, Brown suffered from various health issues post-incident, including Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), memory decline, sensitivity to light, focus and vocabulary issues, permanent headaches, neck pain, balance problems and distorted depth perception.

Reports also mentioned Brown's necessity to acquire a service dog to prevent her from falling.

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