Expatriate Investor Jailed for Offering Bribe

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


UAE / Bribery / Imprisonment

An expatriate investor who was caught red-handed last July trying to bribe a Government employee has been jailed. The investor of Asian descent has been sentenced to one year in jail for offering a bribe of Dh10,000 to a Government customer service employee.

The investor was alleged to have offered the bribe for wanting the official to clear a government transaction. He also allegedly requested for a change in trade name of a company without producing the required documents.

The police mentioned that the lady employee of a centre that clears government transactions had filed a report regarding this matter. She said that she was offered Dh10,000 as bribe for converting the investor's company from commercial license to investment fund management, which is illegal.

According to the employee, she told the investor that the procedure he is trying to bribe her to perform is illegal and that it could not be executed without the review of concerned authorities. The investor however, ignored her warnings and requested for the change repeatedly, which she refused.

After which, he offered her a car as bribe for clearing the transaction. She refused and told her senior at work about this bribe, who advised her to file a complaint with the Department of Economic Development as well as the police.

The investor was still persistent and offered a bribe of Dh10,000 to the employee to clear the transaction. She mentioned that she pretended to accept the bribe. Following which, the police came to the scene and nabbed him while he was trying to offer the bribe.