GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre Implements Major Protocols

Arbitrators must demonstrate issuance of at least five institutional arbitration awards

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Published on April 23, 2024, 16:46:28


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In a significant move towards enhancing its operational framework, the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre has unveiled pioneering measures, as announced by Dr Kamal Al Hamad, the Centre's Secretary-General.

Among these advancements is a mandate for applicants to electronically register on the Centre's website and submit all requisite documentation.

These submissions should include academic certificates, evidence of a minimum of 10 years of practical experience for arbitrators and seven years for experts in their respective fields and completion of specialised programmes such as the International Fellowship Programme in Arbitration and the Arbitrators Qualification Programme.

Additionally, arbitrators must demonstrate issuance of at least five institutional arbitration awards, while experts must provide three expert reports within their area of expertise.

Strategic Implementation

Furthermore, applicants are required to provide a university endorsement validating their certificates, attest to the authenticity of their submitted documents and furnish additional evidence reflecting the Centre's alignment with contemporary international commercial arbitration standards.

This meticulous process is integral to the Centre's strategic vision to rank among the world's foremost commercial arbitration entities.

Dr Al-Hamad emphasized the imperative for arbitrators and experts affiliated with the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre to possess a comprehensive skill set and professional attributes.

These attributes encompass a robust understanding of legal principles, adept analytical prowess, effective communication skills, proficiency in navigating complex scenarios, impartiality and a profound grasp of arbitration principles alongside pertinent legal frameworks governing the disputes under consideration.

Dr Al-Hamad noted that the Centre recently declined over 60 applications for failing to meet these stringent criteria.

"We consider these exacting standards as essential to safeguarding the reputation and enduring success of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre," Dr Al-Hamad emphasised.

"The arbitrators and experts we designate play a central role in solidifying our position as a premier institution in commercial arbitration.

Their possession of requisite professional skills, experience, qualifications, and licensure reflects the efficiency and caliber of the services we provide."

Dr Al-Hamad accentuated the role of arbitrators and experts as impartial mediators tasked with facilitating dispute resolution outside the conventional judicial framework.

To excel in this capacity, arbitrators must possess the ability to attentively listen to the arguments presented by involved parties, objectively assess evidence, and deliver prompt, reliable, and equitable decisions.

Moreover, he affirmed the Centre's extensive pool of arbitrators and experts, each specialising in diverse case types.

These professionals undergo continuous evaluation across various domains pertinent to the Centre's operations and the delivery of high-quality arbitration services.

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