Heavy Fines Introduced to Enhance School Bus Safety

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Heavy Fines

Heavy Fines Introduced to Enhance School Bus Safety

In view of enhancing safety of school buses, the Abu Dhabi authorities have decided to impose heavy fines and black points to errant drivers who flout the 'School bus stop' signages.

Drivers who disregard the sign will be fined Dh. 1000 and will receive 10 black points. It is reported that from January to September 2021, 492 motorists in Abu Dhabi were punished for disobeying school bus stop signs, according to officials.

The new data was announced by the Abu Dhabi Joint Committee for Traffic Safety on Sunday during the launch of an awareness campaign aimed at improving security and safety on the emirates roads.

The awareness campaign also educated motorists about the regulations of the “stop” sign on school buses.