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Health and safety in the workplace is all you need to know about

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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The Health and safety of its workers is a concern for any employer, government or private. Therefore, to protect the well-being of all workers and employees there are laws and regulations set in place.


 The Ministry of Health and Community Protection, in participation and coordination with the wellbeing specialists and the concerned experts in the nation, creates and circles back to:

Controls and conditions to guarantee the wellbeing and security of labourers in all work locales in the nation, including healing, rehabilitative and preventive administrations. The occupational health and environmental safety and health management system, updating it, refreshing it constantly and guaranteeing the responsibility of workers to follow it. Wellness guidelines and conditions for rehearsing and proceeding with work. Avoidance of wounds and word related risks

Each business should give a proper method for security to shield labourers from the risks of wounds and illnesses that might happen during work, as well as the risks of fire, and any remaining perils that might result from the utilization of machines and other work devices, and he should follow any remaining techniques for avoidance chose by the Ministry.

Each business will post in an obvious spot in the work environment itemized guidelines in regards to the method for keeping fire and shielding labourers from the risks they might be presented to while working, in Arabic and, if vital, in another dialect that the specialist gets it.


The labourer should utilize the defensive gear and dress that he is given for this purpose, and execute every one of the directions of the business pointed toward shielding him from risks and shun accomplishing any work that would deter the execution of those guidelines.


Each entrepreneur will set up a case or boxes for a clinical guide furnished with meds, bands, sanitizers and other necessary medicines. An emergency treatment box is allotted for every hundred labourers, and the case is set in an obvious spot, reachable for the labourer, and its utilization is shared with an expert in giving a clinical guide.


The business will stick to wellbeing and security measures, lighting, ventilation, lounge areas, arrangement of safe drinking water, neatness and sifting of what turbid the air like residue and smoke, and indicating the insurances to be taken against fire and electric flow.


 Article 37 of the UAE Labor Law explains the arrangements for payment for work wounds. Assuming the work injury or word related illness prompts the demise of the labourer, his relatives are qualified for pay equivalent to the pay of the essential specialist for a time of two years, offered that the benefit of the pay isn't under eighteen thousand dirhams, and not in excess of 200 thousand dirhams. The worth of the payment is determined based on the last pay got by the labourer before his demise, and the pay is conveyed to the recipients of the expired specialist.


 The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation applies the choice to boycott the exhibition of work performed under the sun and in open spots from twelve-thirty PM until three PM in the mid-year and during the period from mid-June to September 15.

This choice comes to save the wellbeing and security of labourers and to save them the dangers that they might be presented to while playing out their work during a period of the boycott, which is seeing an ascent in temperatures consistently.

 Each office that doesn't follow the arrangements of this goal will be dependent upon a fine of 5,000 (5,000) dirhams for every labourer, and a limit of 50,000 (50,000) dirhams in case of various specialists utilized disregarding the arrangements of this goal.

 Pastoral Resolution No. 60 of 2015 permits work to go on without interference for specialized reasons that require this, for example, works important to avoid risk, fix the harm, crisis glitches or misfortunes, or work on the concrete blend and pouring cement assuming it is difficult to execute during the evening.


Both the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai force necessary inclusion for all open and private area workers, regardless of whether residents or occupants. The Government of Sharjah gives medical coverage to every one of its workers and retired folks. The Ajman government likewise gives wellbeing inclusion to every one of its workers.


The business will allot at least one specialist to inspect his labourers in danger of contracting illnesses indicated by the Ministry, occasionally, no less than once like clockwork, and to record the aftereffect of that assessment in his records, as well as in the documents of those labourers.

 Doctors should likewise quickly advise the business and the Ministry regarding instances of illnesses that show up among labourers, and instances of death emerging from them, subsequent to affirming them by leading the vital clinical and lab research, and the business should report this to the Ministry.

The specialist who leads the occasional assessment might demand a reevaluation of any labourer who has been presented to illness after a period, not exactly the intermittent period specified, assuming he observes that his condition requires that.


Bosses, their representatives, or any individual with power over the labourer may not enter or permit the passage of any alcohol into the work environment for utilization there, and they may not permit any individual to enter the office or stay in the office while drunk.


 Each entrepreneur who utilizes labourers in regions remote from urban areas, to which typical methods for transportation don't reach, should furnish them with the accompanying administrations:

  • The proper method for transportation
  • Sufficient lodging
  • Drinkable water
  • Proper food
  • Clinical guides
  • Amusement and sports exercises

 The Ministry, by a choice, decides all or a portion of the areas to which the arrangement of this article applies. Except for staples, the administrations alluded to in this article will be to the detriment of the business, and the labourer may not be accused of any of them.

These are some of the provisions that are provided by the UAE government for the health and protection of employees in the workplace. They are set up to safeguard employees and their family's well-being.

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