Highest in Maharashtra So Far: A Settlement of Whopping Rs 1,313 Crores in Lok Adalat.

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:40:59


India, Lok Adalat

On Sunday, August 1, 2021, the First National Lok Adalat, organized after seven months under the State Legal Services Authorities, disposed of around 3 lakh complaints by 1,318 benches across Maharashtra.

2, 90,563 cases were settled out of a total of 11,28,685 cases taken up, including 1,27,621 pre-litigation cases and 80,626 pending cases. A three-day Special Drive resulted in the dismissal of an additional 82,316 pending cases, according to MSLSA.

Lok Adalat is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Some disputes/cases pending in court or at the pre-litigation stage are settled/compromised amicably. The Legal Services Authorities Act of 1987 grants it statutory character.

The award (judgment) made by the Lok Adalats is deemed to be a civil court judgment. It is final and binding on all parties under the aforementioned Act. Any court of law has no jurisdiction to hear an appeal against such an award.