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How has digital transformation influenced the legal sector in UAE?

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


legal industry reluctant accept new technologies operates

The legal industry was reluctant to accept new technologies because it operates from a mostly conventional standpoint. Customers experience inconsistent outcomes as a result.  However, the legal sector has undergone a digital change that has spread throughout businesses in recent years.

Digital transformation isn’t new to the legal sector.  Law firms must take specific steps to mitigate all threats by improving cyber safety training, executing multi-factor authentication, and confirming data security techniques and guidelines. When it comes to big data and analytics, the legal industry is still lagging. The explanation is distinct for all firms but can vary from historical traditionalism toward technology.

The most delinquent technology development and the new customer needs are expected to have an impact on how law firms conduct their business. Law firms are now able to manage operations in a swift, effective, and secure manner thanks to software devices and programs. Customers want the best digital services available, such as virtual communication, mobile-first solutions, increased control over their legal matters, rapid and efficient responses, etc.

Technology can help law firms concentrate on more intelligent and adaptable resourcing., Law companies can grow more quickly by adopting remote team models and flexible working hours. Numerous web tools and digital technology offer law firms a variety of ways to engage with the market. To generate enough traffic, it can mix the many online channels, including its website, emails, and social media accounts.

 Another benefit of technology in the legal field is that it reduces the possibility of mistakes caused by the omission or misinterpretation of any fact or statistic, which could lead to a significant difference in the verdict.

The Dubai Government has been at the forefront of creating and enforcing cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to build a strong foundation for digital transformation.

The DIFC Courts announced the creation of the "Digital Economy Court" on December 14, 2021, to adjudicate cases with established and emerging technologies, such as digital assets, cryptocurrencies, big data, and blockchain among others.

Without technology, it will be difficult to make significant progress and promote ongoing, promising corporate growth. Law firms that reject innovative work cultures will struggle to develop and sustain their staff's abilities, increase productivity, and inspire their colleagues. The effectiveness of legal offices and the output of administrative staff have both increased thanks to technology.

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