How to Easily Check and Cancel Your UAE Travel Ban Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

By following these steps, you can efficiently handle travel bans and ensure smooth travel plans

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Published on June 4, 2024, 08:57:24


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Travel bans in the UAE can be imposed for various reasons, including outstanding liabilities, criminal cases, disputes, or violations of immigration laws. If you fail to pay three consecutive or six non-consecutive credit card or loan installments, it may be considered an event of default, potentially leading to a travel ban.

The UAE Government advises: "Before planning travel, you should check and resolve any issues that might stop you at the airport immigration counters. If necessary, you may seek the assistance of a lawyer or contact the nearest immigration/police office in your area for advice."

Abu Dhabi

The Judicial Department in Abu Dhabi offers the 'Estafser' online service to check for claims against residents using their unified number.


Dubai Police provides an online service to check for travel bans due to financial cases using an Emirates ID on their website or app.

How to Cancel Your Travel Ban Online

If you have a travel ban, follow these steps to cancel it online:

  • Log in: Visit the Ministry of Justice website and log in using UAE Pass. Register separately if needed.
  • Find the Service: Look for 'Cancellation Request of Travel Ban Order' under the 'Case Management' tab.
  • Check Your Cases: Click on 'My Cases' to view cases against you.
  • Request Cancellation: View case details and request cancellation by filling out the required form and details.
  • Make Payment: A payment may be required based on your case.

Additional Information

The Ministry of Justice indicates that processing may take up to five working days. Supporting documents may be required to substantiate your cancellation request.

New System

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department's new system tracks judicial enforcement decisions and cancels them after paying dues. This system electronically forwards approvals to relevant authorities. Respondents can download a cancellation decision copy through the smart app for travel procedures. By following these steps, you can efficiently handle travel bans and ensure smooth travel plans.

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