How to file a complaint with MOHRE when your domestic worker is absconding?

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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When hiring a domestic worker, the process needs to be done through a registered agency. If you are contacting the domestic worker directly, you still need to obtain a working permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). By doing so, you can be assured that you can enforce some employer’s rights in case your hired help fails to finish their work, or leaves the job with no notice. MOHRE’s social media channels provide information about what employers can do if their domestic worker is absent from work. 

A complaint can be filed by the employer within 5 days of the worker’s absconding via the following ways:
1. Mohre’s mobile app “MOHRE UAE”
2. Recruitment offices
3. Tawseel vehicle, which is a van containing a mobile service desk that allows employers and employees to get the service of their choice processed at their doorstep. 
4. The ministry’s website: mohre.gov.ae

Filing a complaint about an absconding worker
1. Select the service of “Registering a domestic labour complaint.”
2. Specify the type of applicant and the work permit number. 
3. Enter the details of the complaint.
4. Add attachments (optional).
You will require the Labour Unified Number for this complaint. The MOHRE website says that this service gets processed within 14 working days. 

Employer’s responsibilities toward domestic workers
MOHRE also delineates some imperative duties that employers must carry out when employing domestic workers, which are as follows:
1. To provide meals, accommodation, and other basic needs.
2. To pay their salary.
3. To provide medical insurance.
Federal Law no. (10) of 2017 on Domestic Workers lists the responsibilities that an employer has towards their domestic worker. These are:
1. Provide the requirements for the worker to do the agreed-upon work. 
2. Provide decent accommodation to the worker.
3. If the worker is hired full-time, and not in temporary employment with a third party, the employer must provide daily meals and necessary work attire to the worker, unless decided otherwise. 
4. Pay for the worker’s medical treatments, abiding by the healthcare system of the UAE.
5. Treat the worker with dignity and respect without foregoing their physical health.
6. Refrain from requiring the worker to take up work with a third party unless it is under the conditions laid down by the law. Only employ workers who have permits allowing them to do work as governed by the supervisory laws.
7. If the worker sustains work-related injuries or contracts occupational diseases, the employer must duly compensate them according to the compensation table attached with the governing law under labour relations, unless this compensation is taken care of by insurance.
8. Refrain from making the worker do tasks that go beyond the scope of their occupation, unless it is fully consented to by the worker, and is provided under the relevant law. 
9. Ensure the worker’s right to have possession of their personal identification documents.
10. If the worker passes away, pay the heir the full wage of the month that the worker expired, and also any other outstanding payments due to the worker.
11. Refrain from receiving any kind of money or consideration from the worker or through a third party unless provided for under the Unified Standard Contract mandated by Ministry
12. Inform the Ministry regarding any violation by the worker of the regulations in force.

And for further information regarding employee and domestic workers’ rights, contact MOHRE at their call centre number: 600 590000. 

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