How to Find a TRN Number of a Company in the UAE?

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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The world is moving toward innovation, and most entrepreneurs have already established their enterprises in the UAE. As an entrepreneur conducting business in the United Arab Emirates, you must comply with the state’s tax rules and regulations by obtaining a tax registration number. 

What is a Tax Registration Number (TRN) in UAE?

TRN (Tax Registration/Identifying Number) is a unique number assigned to each business for identification purposes. To file tax, you must first legally register your business, which will grant you a TRN number. 

What is a TRN number, though? 

An organization and an individual have independent identities in the accounting world. The Federal Tax Authority issues a 15-digit number as an identification for your business to officially present it to the government.
The ‘registrant’ is the entity to which the tax identification number UAE has been issued. Your tax ID number UAE will be used on a variety of government papers and will be assigned to you automatically once you register for VAT. The government will use it to track your transactions. The UAE tax identification number is made up of 15 numbers in the format 100-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.
The procedure of Finding a TRN Number for a Company in the UAE

Step-by-step process to verify the Tax Registration Number (TRN) issued in UAE 
 1. Visit www.tax.gov.ae website of the Federal Tax Authority. 
 2. Look for the TRN VERIFICATION tab on the right side
 3. Enter the TRN number to be verified. 
 4. Enter the CAPTCHA code.
 5. At this stage the name of the company associated with the entered TRN would be displayed.

The TRN allows tracking of all the transactions made by individuals as well as businesses and further facilitates a smooth flow of communication between the supplier and buyer of the goods and plays a very important role in the business sector of the UAE.

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