How to register your will in the UAE?

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


How to register your will in the UAE? | The Law Reporters | UAE News | Legal News | News Today

Making a will is a crucial step to ensure that your possessions are transferred after your death following your preferences. By registering your will, you can increase your protection and carry out your interests as per your wish. It is preferred to consult an expert lawyer, who specializes in will and succession planning.  The steps below will guide you on the information you need to know about will registration in the UAE.

  1. Draft your will: Drafting the will is the first stage in registering it in the UAE. To help ensure that the will is legally valid, you can decide whether to create it yourself or hire a lawyer.
  2. Notarize your will: One must have a UAE notary public notarize the will after it has been drafted. This entails signing the will in front of a notary public, who will later stamp it with their official seal.
  3. Register your will: Depending on where you live in the UAE, you must register your will after it has been notarized, either by the Dubai Courts or the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. You must do this by submitting your notarized Will along with any other necessary paperwork and paying the fees.
  4. Keep your will up to date: Reviewing and amending your will regularly ensure that it accurately reflects your current intentions and situation. Your will must be notarized and registered again if you make any changes.
  5. Seek legal advice: It is good to seek the advice of a skilled lawyer, who can help you with legal requirements and procedures involved if you have any questions or concerns regarding writing or registering your will in the UAE.

In summary, registering your will in the UAE can bring further peace of mind and help you avoid future complications. Ensure that your will is legally valid and correctly registered in the UAE by following the processes indicated above and enlisting the help of an experienced lawyer.

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