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If You Dream Big, UAE Is The Right Place To Be: Ajay Bhatia

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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Welcoming 2022 With Hope

By Srinivasan Nandagopal

The new year of 2022 is being welcomed by the world with a sense of optimism despite the apprehensions of the new wave of infections in the form Omicron variant of the Covid Virus. The industry is well prepared not to allow any eventualities and downward slide as witnessed in the past two occasions that has destabilised the global economy into shambles. Hope is that new laws, especially in the United Arab Emirates which has been very proactive in tackling crisis one after another, the next wave will be handled well with precaution to mitigate any possible damage. 
The Law Reporters caught up with the enterprising corporate leader who wears multiple hats who is currently the Managing Partner of VFix Maintenance & Technical Services Dubai, Managing Director of TRDS International Trading FZ, and heads Onkar Homes, Ajay Bhatia MCIPS to gain his insights as to what he expects the new year to be. Being associated with multiple industrial sectors, Bhatia has seen it from within, the turmoil faced by the corporate almost the past two years. He is confident that the time for rejuvenation and revival is right here and he is glad that he is in the right place where high aspirations are optimally achievable.

Excerpts from the interview of Ajay Bhatia with The Law Reporters:

The Law Reporters : Looking back for almost two years, how do you assess the present scenario?
Ajay Bhatia : The last two years have battered the global economy yet UAE has managed to grow from strength to strength largely due to the visionary leadership along with exciting confidence building measures in supporting the business community in UAE. The changes brought in have been timely and have mitigated the devastating effect of the pandemic. A number of sectors have benefited from enhanced liberal laws and regulations including the real estate, healthcare sectors and more. 

TLR : With a string of people friendly measures and Legal provisions accorded by the rulers of UAE, how do you see the growth prospects in the economy as we enter into the new year.
AB : The economy is going to grow further and the fuel for this growth is largely based on the optimism in measures brought in through the labour law changes which are now balanced both in worker protection and business friendliness at the same time. 
The initiatives made to make UAE a place to call home has grown stronger now with improved reforms for long term residents with Golden and silver visas which will help bring more confidence and investment to the country. 
Lastly, the increased focus on security, law and order, protection of every resident with tolerant measures helps to make UAE a highly multi-cultural dynamic society. UAE is ready for the next 50 years due to its visionary leadership and amazing hospitable nationals and expats.

TLR : With the global focus on UAE which is at its Golden Year, what is in-store in 2022?

AB : UAE is already among the best on many fronts in the Middle East setting new benchmarks with every stride and is among the topper in the list on many parameters when compared worldwide. Moreover, the future is only brighter as the leadership continues to look at new ways to enhance the lifestyle of the residents and be ahead by setting benchmarks of happiness and success. 

TLR : Your message to the general populous. 
AB : If you’re looking for the best place to do business, achieve immense success and learn from the best then Dubai is the place to springboard every idea imaginable.