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Ignorance Of Law Is No Excuse!

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


India, high  court

To start in a lighter vein, as I always say, "Committing a crime is no offence. Getting caught surely is". The statement holds good in the Indian context where even crimes committed in broad daylight with witnesses all around ends up with a 'clean chit. Not in some countries, though.
Thousands languish in prisons worldwide for an act of crime that they didn't do intentionally.

They plead not guilty for not being aware of the consequences of their actions. However,  Law prevails as it is sacrosanct.
Legal awareness, education, information and services, in the said sequence, is thus quintessential for one to lead as a law-abiding citizen in a foreign land. In India, we take everything for granted, whether time, money or even law and life. Ignorance is Bliss, is our philosophy, while in reality, Ignorance lands us in deep trouble, ruining our lives beyond repair.
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Srinivasan Nandagopal