In Sharjah, UAE, financial disputes and cheque bounces worth Dh565 million were successfully resolved without having to go to court.

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Sharjah Police started Sadid initiative bolster security

The Sharjah Police have started the Sadid initiative to bolster security in the emirate and to better the lifestyle of its citizens, and have been successful in settling Dh565 million worth of debt and cheque bounce cases out of court

The Sharjah Police's Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has resolved financial disagreements of a total value of Dh565 million without having to take legal action, as a result of their Sadad initiative.

The cases in question included loans and bounced cheques, and those who had lodged complaints were able to receive the money they were entitled to. Lt-Col Abdul Rahman Al Shamsi, the head of the Wanted Department at the CID, revealed that the program has been running since March 2021.

He elaborated that when a financial dispute is submitted to them, the team will attempt to contact the parties involved and inform them on how to settle the matter. They are then offered assistance by the police, which will help them pay their debts. 

More than half a billion dirhams have already been returned to the complainants, according to Lt-Col Al Shamsi.

The disputes are then resolved without having to involve the judicial authorities. The Sadid initiative, he mentioned, contributes to the improvement of safety and the quality of life in the area.

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